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The Cursing Hedgehog

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The Cursing Hedgehog (Kiroileva siili) was born from Milla Paloniemi´s (b. 1983, Jalasjärvi, Finland) pencil, as she was scribbling on his notes during a boring lecture in 2003. The first two strips were published on a page called virhe.org. The author was very surprised of the enthusiastic feedback. So quickly more strips of Hedgehog were made and those spread around the net.

Two self-published books were done (2005 and 2006) before Sammakko (The Frog) publishing house took the Hedgehog under its flipper. The first hardcover Kiroileva siili –book was published in February 2007. It was also Paloniemi’s thesis as she graduated as a graphic designer from the EVTEK Institute of Art and Design.

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